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these songs are reinterpretations of the album 'old sport'. recorded three years after the completion of the original album using an electric piano, an acoustic guitar, and a four-track cassette recorder.


released November 28, 2013


all rights reserved



Real Life Bears Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: compromised one
she's calling out names with one finger crossing lips
though she has nothing more to say
she's talkin' real nice
with an unlit cigarette and all of her long lost friends
she's taking a drive to meet them soon tonight

a fantastic fall with wind whipping through her hair
though her ability to speak has been compromised
her burning cigarette tells all of her long lost friends
where she might be found
to meet them underground
Track Name: old sport
drop the telephone, open the door
see friends waving cigarettes, push through the haze
how many others could you have known?

mary laughs and beckons, pass by in a daze
forget all of their names, but remember just one
how many others could you have known?

anna's in the kitchen, she's drinking alone
and Julia's in the lounge playing the piano
from the car outside I could hear it reverberating
over the guests on your lawn, drunk and celebrating

the greatest occasion that they'll ever know
quietly by the shore, you were standing alone
trying to picture through the alcohol and medication

(how many others could you have known?)
Track Name: compromised two
past the vacant expression spread across your face
there's another one that can take its place
trust me i know you're not asleep
trust me i know you are i know you are

in a defenseless state beneath the ground
but there's nothing left to defend when no one else is around
well, you've got your box and you've got your crown
and truly it's hard to believe that you've never been found

son, i've been watching you from afar
you've got your r[]les and i know i'll never be one
and there's a ton of feelings i can't recognize
coursing across my face, displayed in my eyes
Track Name: julia said...
julia said it's my cross to bear
i told her i'm not going anywhere
because the kids are still breathing and no one's gonna crack

and i don't want to be played by you
but i just don't have any other use
because i'm not capable of independent thought
no, i'm not capable of thinking for myself

(that's not what julia said...)

the holy ghost is alright with me
i see no reason why he'd try to leave
because no one is sober and i can't sleep

driving home through the appalachian fog
saying i haven't seen this place in too long
and i don't know how to speak my mind
but i know that i've just been wasting my time
Track Name: silhouettes
as our breath cast silhouettes on the faces of our father's wives
from spewing sharp and cold remarks, the sting fresh on our cheeks
with the red sun peeking through the remnants of the morning fog
your hand between my fingers tightened to tell me we were free

we lit camel cigarettes with the dashboard of your mother's car
spewing sparks from rusted parts and dug our hands into the soil
and i remember this so well; the rebellion was so easily felt
the dirt beneath our fingers echoed what so quickly fades away

in those days we barely knew our own names
and we played those sweet, innocent games
where you followed my silhouette to pin it down
against concrete split open by life
we were sprouts reaching for the sky
that under their shadows we couldn't see
Track Name: likewise, others
and likewise, others have held you down on your knees
as you gifted them your precious secrets to keep
in a box beside a well-filled bed
your hidden face turned to red
but i can still feel it on me

as likewise others have felt it so completely
burning a hole through crisp linen sheets
but the fire is all in your head
the heat turning your eyes to red
until you can't see what's coming

and all this before i could speak my mind

so i rewrote all your favorite songs
and i lit a cigarette just to prove you were wrong
then i lit the whole damn pack just to make that alright
...you said it would be alright, right?

not that it matters when I'm this dilated

so i wrote "fuck" in more of my songs
and i lit a cigarette just to prove you were wrong
then i lit the whole damn pack just to make that alright
...you said it would be alright, that night, if i went and fucked myself

well I might just do that... and likewise others!
Track Name: compromised three
she can compromise again
meet them in the middle
no more chance for change
dark skies or blue

she'll leave them again
hide her head underground
one more cigarette burns
Track Name: the contender // psyche two
Track Name: solomon
when solomon speaks i dream that he is chasing me
with blood streaming out his teeth and his ring bearing down on me.
i should thank that unlucky star
but harps and halos won't lead me westward now.
my head falls into my hands.
i can't look up at this horror.

nor can i rise to my feet
with no cane in my tender grasp.
the silent worm of the earth has done its solemn duty.
when solomon sings he may tell of holiness
but it's a shrieking in my ear when solomon speaks.