Speakeasy I

from by Real Life Bears



pour one for the heart inside your chest
another for the words you haven't said yet
your brain has your tongue in a sleeper hold
in 23 years you've never felt so bold

to say i've been dreaming, it's mine

crushing your glass til the blood seeps through
the worry and fear is written all over you
your tongue has your heart swinging from a noose
sigh, what's a girl to do?

to say i've been dreaming, it's time

pour one for your friends inside your head
"sante", "merci", the next round's on them
pour one for yourself to wrestle your tongue loose
blood, running thin in your veins, feels new

choose to stay dreaming, it's fine

and i’m wondering who you are
leaning out of the backseat of your car
and i’m wondering where
i’ll lay my head tonight

i'm wondering who you are
blacked out in the backseat of your car
i'm wondering why
i left my head behind

and i’m wondering where i am
the sun burning my skin
and i’m wondering where
i'll lay my head tonight


from Constanţa, released June 2, 2017


all rights reserved



Real Life Bears Chicago, Illinois

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